What I do

Mark B Page NDF

Chartered Forester

I offer the following services:


Timber Measurement in the UK and overseas


Forest and Forest Products Certification Consultancy


Forest Management


Woodland Consultancy



Timber measurement


Top of the range digital equipment such as Masser RACAL Callipers and Haglof Clinometers and Garmin GPS are used to gather information in the forest.

I offer three types of data collection:

  1. Sample plot surveys, a regular unbiased method of collecting data from sample plots, to intensities agreed with the client are used to provide volume samples of the commercial crops, and depending on the need by the client and the intensities of the plot layout these can be used for Forest Valuations, clearfell and thinning assessments or Forest Design planning. 
  2. Yield Class assessments can be undertaken measuring tree heights, and along with stocking density surveys, these can be used in Forest Design planning, and Forest Valuations.
  3. Forest volumes calculated by Tariffing are also undertaken by me. These obviate the need for the client to have expensive accurate mapping as the parcel of trees is subjected to a full tree count and Non-Destructive sampling of a proportion of the standing trees is also undertaken.

Data is processed using software I have developed to Forestry Commission (UK) conventions using the "Blue Book".


It is presented to clients as PDF's or hard copies; spreadsheets and digital plans are also provided for integration into their own systems if necessary. I undertake this for institutional clients, forest estates and private clients. 


I have also assessed a Teak plantation in Costa Rica for a UK purchaser. Using methods that did not involve felling individual trees I was able to calculate the volume of the crop and average tree. My assessment of volume was far below the figure in the heads of terms documents agreed between the parties, and prevented the purchaser paying 25% more then the timber was worth - a saving of millions. 



Forest and Forest Products Certification Consultancy


I provide documented systems for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement Forest Certification (PEFC) Forest Management certification standards. I also provide documented systems for the Chain of Custody systems that are a downstream result of Forest Management certification. 



Forest Mensuration Training


During 2017 and 2018 I have provided basic forest mensuration training to one of the UK's biggest forest management companies. Over 100 staff members were trained to be able to achieve a volume per ha and average tree in the the forest with the minimum of mensuration equipment.  

In the spring of 2019 I performed the same service for several companies in the Republic of Ireland.



Aerial Videography Photography and Digital Mapping


I have been a Licensed and insured Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or Drone) operator for four years, and I can provide digital plans of woodlands and surrounding areas. I have also produced videoss of Forest portfolios for annual reporting to clients by their land agents, along with aerial videos and photographs for Land Agent sales particulars.

I use a DJI Inspire Pro and a DJI Phantom UAVs for these purposes. 




Feel free to drop me an email, using the box, or call me at the contact details below:




Smiddybank Cottage






Mobile: 07775 817776

Landline: 01573 450298